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Without warning the lights go dark. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Screams erupt in the crowd around you and you can feel the adrenaline coursing through your body. After months of waiting, anticipating, the time has finally come. The artist you’ve been booty shaking around your bedroom to, is seconds away from appearing. Mere meters from where you are standing. Nothing will ever compare to this moment. The moment you finally get to see them, live on stage.



Everyone remembers their first concert, it’s hard not to. Walking into an arena, handing your ticket over and getting a neon coloured wristband in return. Seeing your idol work the stage like a boss, right in front of your eyes – not to mention, you’ve been practising your dance moves, and have them ready to go. How could it not be an incredible night!

After hours of singing your heart out, and wishing you had a tad more space to really drop it like it’s hot, the end of the night arrives. The final song has been sung, and everyone in the arena is left chanting “encore - or yaaaaassssss!” for the next five minutes. The days, weeks, even the months that follow, you find yourself reminiscing, wishing you could relive that night over and over again.


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Well as luck would have it, you can! On the SOS dance floor that is. Because for the month of June, SOS is coming to you LIVE, recreating some of the most iconic performances of our generation!

I mean, who can forget Janet’s Billboard performance last year. The word epic pretty much sums it up. Not only did the event mark her first televised performance in nine years, but it had stars like Ciara, Ne-Yo and Bruno Mars praising her for her talent and drive, as she became the first ever black woman to receive the Billboard Icon Award.


For artists like Janet, putting together one epic show after another, doesn’t come easy. As the #SOSCrew knows, a lot of hard work, dedication and determination goes into it. And you know what that means... hours and hours of dance rehearsal. That’s right, just like us, Janet sweats it out to the beats of the music.

Curious to see first hand just what it takes to make the main event come alive? Well, then look no further. Janet provided fans with a sneak peek into her dance rehearsals, and we’re here to share it with you.


But Janet’s not the only one one inspiring us this June. From Homecoming, the MTV VMAs, Britney at TRL, Ariana at Sweetener, and so much more, this lineup will have you feeling as though you’re right there, on stage, in the midst of the action (like, right next to Beyoncé...)!

We even have some of our amazing instructors (#SOSHaley, #SOSLisa and #SOSJeannette), back from the Take That tour! So don’t miss your opportunity to get sassy, classy and a little bit badassy this month.

To check out the full June line up and book your spot, click here!