Here’s a little extra information to help you along with some of our most frequently asked questions. Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with news and updates.


How old do I need to be to take class?

All Seen On Screen classes, workshops and masterclasses are for adults aged 18 and above.

Do I need to be a member to do Seen On Screen classes?

You don’t need to be a member, you can attend all SOS classes on a drop in basis, starting from just £15! The more you dance, the less you pay so have a look at our class offers at the online checkout.

I’m a complete beginner but this looks really fun! Will I be able to keep up?

YES – the only professional dancers in class are your teachers! Seen On Screen is about embracing all abilities (check out our class levels here), with a big emphasis on boosting confidence and self esteem. It’s Seen On Screen’s company policy that you can ask our teachers as many questions as you need to, repeat steps and go at your own pace. There is no pressure and no judgement. Our instructors are excellent dancers, but they are most importantly selected for being kind, inspiring, fun, approachable teachers so don’t be nervous – just go for it!

What should I wear?

There’s no set uniform or dress code, you can wear whatever as like as long as it doesn’t restrict your movement – regular gym/yoga gear is perfect. That being said, if you would like to explore your dance fashion and add a little glamour, check out the below tips from Seen On Screen’s CEO Bonnie. Click here to see Seen On Screen’s Pinterest for inspiration!

Dance Fashion Tips

Make an effort

As you’re looking at yourself during the entire class, it does really help to feel good about your reflection so just take an extra 10 minutes when you’re getting ready to feel fabulous. It makes a massive difference to your confidence and how you dance the routine.

Dress the part

It’s fun to play around with your looks for a class and dress the part. I do recommend wearing an outfit you feel great in rather than throwing on gym wear. For example, my staples are black leggings as I feel they’re slimming and streamline my legs, a SOS T-shirt (it’s black, looks fab and goes with everything) and a colourful wrap around shirt that I tie around my waist. For Swag Sessions you can wear a hoodie, for Diva you can put on a pair of heels. Become the character and get to know your alter ego!

Can I shower and change before and after class?

All SOS studios have top quality changing facilities and showers which you are welcome to use before or after class.

What sort of shoes should I wear?

Regular sport or fashion trainers are suggested. We do give you the option to wear heels (after all who goes out dancing on a Saturday night in trainers!). If you would like to wear heels, ankle boots are best as they support your foot so you feel more secure. Click the links below to see SOS recommendations!

Dance Trainers
Dance Heels


You can do it, put your sass into it

Whether you’re looking for an everyday fitness fix or fancy a couple of workshops to wind down to at the weekend, Seen On Screen offers a range of levels so can go at your own pace. You're very welcome to email info@seenonscreen.dance or give us a call if you would like advice, and/or pointing in the right direction - we’re happy to help!


The Beginner level is for SOSer's who have no previous dance experience and would like to be eased into the world of dance! You will still look and feel fabulous (of course!)

All Levels

This level is about going at your own pace and having FUN! Beginners are welcome, but if you are more experienced, your instructor can offer advanced routine options!


Intermediate bridges the All Levels & Advanced classes – perfect for SOSer's who would like to step up their dance technique and be pushed! Expect fierce routines, mega hair whips and tones of sass!

Intro Offers

First 3 Classes — £30

Valid for 1 month

Class Drop ins

Single Class — £20

Valid for 3 months

5 Class Package — £80

Valid for 3 months

Workshop Drop ins

Single Workshop — £25

Valid for 3 months


See it. Dance it. Own it.

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