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"Seen On Screen - the masters of showing us how to dance like our favourite popstars." Glamour
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"Ever wished you could booty-shake like Beyonce or move like Jagger? Now, thanks to Seen on Screen, you can. Founder Bonnie Parsons and her team of celebrity dance trainers will teach you everything from how to strut, hip roll and even flip your hair in style of Queen Bey. Bow down." Vogue – Top 5 new exercise trends feature
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“Everyone in the class is clearly loving it… I am having such a blast the entire time and don’t want the class to end. We all gladly forgo water breaks to give the routine just one more try – something I’ve never seen happen in Legs, Bums and Tums.” The Evening Standard
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“There’s nothing like being cheered on by the other girls – and sometimes guys – in the class, who sit and watch and whoop loudly when the beat drops, providing a safe space where I could dance for me, and just me.”
“By the end of my four weeks, it felt like I could have been on that stage with Beyonce whipping my hair and squatting like a pro. Bey, give me a call.” Metro – trialing our BikiniFIT pass
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“Dance is such a great form of expression, but can make you feel a bit vulnerable, if you feel like you're not a natural or don't have the best rhythm. Everyone came into the room feeling a little shy and self-conscious, but gradually, we all came out of our shells. With each hair flick and booty pop, everyone's confidence grew a little. Doing our finished routine with the music felt fantastic. Everyone let go and let their inner diva come all the way out.”
“I strutted out of my Seen on Screen class feeling sexier, sassier and super powerful.” Elle
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“The funnest way to keep fit… shaking your booty like Beyoncé with Seen on Screen… one of the newest fitness classes to sweep the country!” This Morning
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“Designed with the young urban professional in mind, SOS classes are all about learning great moves and toning muscles to give you a killer body - without feeling like you are working out.”
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"If you want a confidence boost, Seen on Screen has the workout for you.”
“Not only will you have fun, but you feel like a diva – what more could you possibly want?" Hello
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“Get ready for the only dance class you'll ever need...”
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“It wasn't half as scary as I thought it was going to be. You should definitely check it out and go for one of the weekly classes…I came away feeling more energetic and happy!” Cosmopolitan
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Welcome to the UK’s first Twerkshop” Grazia
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“Fancy yourself a booty-shaking Beyoncé or hip-hop loving Nicki Minaj? Learn how to re-create some of the best-loved routines of favourite celebrities with Seen on Screen Fitness and get fit and have fun along the way.” The Sunday Times Style Magazine
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“Cheering and whooping among dancers is very much encouraged - after an hour and a half, even the shyest of dancers will find their inner Sasha Fierce.” Huffington Post – London’s best dance classes feature
The Independent press2
“At first I feel completely self- conscious but Bonnie has a way of making booty-strutting seem like the most natural thing in the world.”
"I like to think we empower women in our classes and improve their confidence; that's really important to me," Bonnie (the founder of SOS) tells me. We slip on some heels to really get in the right frame of mind and next thing you know I'm prancing around the studio like I'm on stage at the O2.” The Independent

You can do it, put your sass into it

Whether you’re looking for an everyday fitness fix or fancy a couple of workshops to wind down to at the weekend, Seen On Screen offers a range of levels so can go at your own pace. You're very welcome to email info@seenonscreen.dance or give us a call if you would like advice, and/or pointing in the right direction - we’re happy to help!


The Beginner level is for SOSer's who have no previous dance experience and would like to be eased into the world of dance! You will still look and feel fabulous (of course!)

All Levels

This level is about going at your own pace and having FUN! Beginners are welcome, but if you are more experienced, your instructor can offer advanced routine options!


Intermediate bridges the All Levels & Advanced classes – perfect for SOSer's who would like to step up their dance technique and be pushed! Expect fierce routines, mega hair whips and tones of sass!

Intro Offers

First 3 Classes — £30

Valid for 1 month

Class Drop ins

Single Class — £20

Valid for 3 months

5 Class Package — £80

Valid for 3 months

Workshop Drop ins

Single Workshop — £25

Valid for 3 months


See it. Dance it. Own it.

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