At Seen on Screen, we want to empower you to achieve your goals that maybe you didn’t previously think possible. Want to know how we can help you? Read our amazing SOS Stories to find out how Seen on Screen has been a force for good in our students lives.

What will your SOS story be?

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Alex Cutting

I wanted to thank you all for the positive impact you’ve had on my life so you can fully understand how much you’ve helped me, as I think it’s really important to let you know just how much of a difference your classes have made.

I booked into my first class at the beginning of October… I never turned up to this first class because I was absolutely terrified but booked in again a week later to Bonnie’s Diva class and never looked back. Bonnie was so welcoming and I felt so comfortable and capable in that first class. I left feeling a thousand times more confident than when I went in and so immediately booked into another workshop with Kelechi that weekend. This was when I realised that coming regularly was a no brainer if I could have that much fun and still call it a workout. I never expected to be able to manage the routine but Kelechi’s energy got me through it. By January I had a full membership and I now come to SOS pretty much every day that classes run. I cannot express how much of a life saver it has been.  Coming to class ensures that I always end the day on a high and am able to completely switch off any negative or anxious thoughts for at least an hour a day. The dancing itself relieves so much anxiety for me because it gives all of the regular benefits of exercise that we all know about, but with an added confidence boost. That paired with the energy and enthusiasm that all of you guys bring to class mean that coming can really pick me up no matter how bad a day I’ve had, or how anxious I’m feeling when I arrive. 

I’ve felt my confidence grow so much in the time the SOS team has been teaching me. Elliot’s pep talks always convince me to push myself and quickly get rid of any negative energy that starts to appear when I’m making mistakes. He's such an amazing advocate of self love and like all of the teachers at SOS he creates a safe environment to express yourself that I wouldn’t have found anywhere else. I’ve lost a stone and a half of weight since joining as a member and I never thought I could enjoy exercising until I tried SWEAT. I would have laughed at you if you told me that you'd have me doing (and kind of enjoying) sit-ups, until I met Keeley.

Everyone around me can notice the difference in me and I'm so much happier in my own skin than I ever have been before in my life. Your classes have helped me battle the symptoms of long term mental health problems and I'm finally learning to be myself unapologetically! Every single one of you has contributed to making this happen for me and the point of this letter was to express what a fabulous team you are. There’s something so empowering about the way that you get so much out of us ladies with little to no dance experience and I have so much respect for the job that you do and everything that SOS stands for. 

Louise Fletcher

I just wanted to thank you for the positive impact that your dance classes have had on my life during my time in London. Having moved to London from the countryside I found it to be an amazing city, but one which requires a lifestyle which can at times consumed by anxieties, stress, competition and loneliness.

I was sure that your dance classes were a remedy from the first 30 seconds of my first class. The supportive atmosphere, fun and exhilarating routines were better than anything an hour of CBT could offer. The concentration and cooperation the classes required meant I could leave the world outside the studio for an hour and I could guarantee I would leave every class with a smile on my face and endorphins buzzing. The instructors and company attitude of being accepting and supportive of every single person was second-to-none. The physical exercise element and physical changes (though. happily. very beneficial) were always secondary to the way they made me feel psychologically. Many times I have left with my stomach hurting from laughing. 

Thank you again for the joy you have brought to me and so many other people.

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Tahlia McKinnon

I strayed from the dancer's path 9 years ago when I gave up performing Street and Commercial with an academy, aged 14. Now 23, having tried Zumba, Flamenco, Tango and other dance-focused fitness regimes, nothing quite filled that hole until I entered my first SOS class. It was just like being back in a squad - only without the pressure of rehearsals and shame of making mistakes that made me quit dancing in the first place.

I can honestly say SOS has been the only thing that has reignited my passion for this incredible art form - and they treat it as such. The team create such skilled choreography and encourage you to utilise your body and stamina the way a professional would - just without the expectation that you should perform as one. Their gentle encouragement, vibrant approachable personalities and inventive choreography brings a brilliant atmosphere. Totally addictive and I can't thank them enough for bringing dance back into my life! 


Lauren Rooney

I had seen SOS classes on Class Pass for ages (I had also seen it on an Instagram post months before this and always thought it was a great idea!). My main inspiration was seeing all the posts on Instagram and seeing everyone slay their lives away, I wanted in on that action!

When I booked my first class, I booked, cancelled, booked, cancelled... booked and finally took the plunge! As someone who has anxiety, I was so nervous that everyone would laugh at me and talk about me after. I still have the video from my first class. Sometimes I watch it back and see how much I (like to think I have) improved and how much class is much much nicer than I made it out to be in my head.

My first class was with Bonnie and we were taught the routine to Ashanti - Only You. I have never felt more confident walking out of that room! Bonnie literally made me feel like I wasn't in a room full of other people, just slaying my life away in my bedroom! Thank you for making my first class way less scary than I thought!

If we're being completely honest here, I booked my second class because Beyoncé dropped her Lemonade album and there were special classes dedicated to that! I just had to learn how to slay as much as she does! But also the SOS 5 Year Birthday class. I bought all my friends for my birthday, it was so fun!!!

I if you follow my fitness Instagram (lol) you'll know that I constantly post about how SOS helped me physically. Before joining SOS I was over 160lbs, going to the gym 7 days a week and eating 1,000 calories (maximum). I hadn't lost any weight doing this for a year despite KILLING MYSELF in the gym. Literally getting up to workout at 5am, finishing work and going to do a spin class... I was ill a total of 24 times that year due to exhaustion. Crazy, right? You would have thought a lightbulb would have gone off in my head like ding ding you're an idiot you're eating nothing and burning out. Since joining seen on screen I do no other workouts, I come to SOS around two-three times a week (but don't stress is work doesn't allow me to make it!), I eat way more than I ever have before (food is fuel people!) and am in such a better place. I now weigh around 118 which is over 40 lbs lost (I don't know where it's all gone, but it has! I have pictures, it looks like I'm half a person!) and I am 100% putting this down to finding something you love to do (ie dance), do that a few times a week and eating to fuel your body!

I’ve gained so so so much confidence! Not only in the club (you know we love a good hair whip/twerk) but in life too... I don't even think it's down to the weight I've lost but generally having something to look forward to after work when you're tired and stressed you get into class and let loose for an hour. It's the best feeling!

I always bring my friends, work colleagues, anyone I can to class to share the experience! I would say give it a go, you never know unless you try and who knows? You could be on stage serving Beyoncé vibes in no time! It gets said every class but honestly everyone is looking at themselves. I can't remember a time in class when I'm looking at someone next to me... it's vein but I'm 100% looking in that mirror or at the teacher haha!

Thank you for allowing me to find something I love, to realise that I was absolutely killing myself with my previous workouts and eating habits! You guys are always such a friendly familiar face after a stressful work day and there isn't one teacher that doesn't let you leave class without feeling your absolute best! I'd be lost without you guys!


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Marta Cunha Pinto

I danced hip hop (very much beginner) back in Portugal after school/university and I really loved it. But I had to drop out (not really my choice). The years went by and I forgot about how much I loved to dance. I moved to the UK with my boyfriend and family, got married and had a kid. Also, I always struggled with my weight and after having my son I really wanted to lose those pounds. I joined a gym...didn't last long and through the 5 years that I’ve been in the UK, I always looked for dance classes but I could only find for kids or extremely expensive. I found SOS by accident on after link… I saw a video and I was like "yes!! This is what I want!" 

I booked my first workshop and when I got home, I was so excited my husband even made fun of me. It was a packed class... I was so intimidated, but the instructor was amazing and I felt great!!

I had to wait a few months to decide if I could spent the money on a membership and made some adjustments and signed up this year! I remember being super excited every time a timetable would come out (still do). I still struggle with embracing my body on the classes but SOS has helped me so much feeling sexy even with some extra pounds, i'll get there

I think most people when they do their first class is "is it hard" I’ve been asked that twice and its not… its challenging good and fun and so good for the ego!

Coping with a 10 hour day job plus a husband and a small child and house..."do you even have time for the classes? Aren't you super tired when you finish work? " yes I am but going to the classes believe it or not makes me more relaxed in the end and ill sleep better.


Clara Babechuck

To start, I just want to say how much I love this company.

When my husband first suggested this dance class I was sceptical and nervous to be dancing in front of strangers. The feeling of being exposed and in the spot light was definitely a concern of mine. 

My husband found Seen on Screen because I was becoming very tired and bored of the gym. I wanted something fun while still being fit and active. 

My first session was a Saturday workshop of Run the World (GIRLS) - Beyonce. 

What a way to be introduced to this amazing team! I was sweating, laughing and feeling very fierce the entire class. Although there are some girls that in much better physical shape then me, I never felt like people were judging or watching me- which was something I sometimes felt at the gym.

I felt welcomed and excited to return, which I did, a lot.

I dived into as many classes as I could, trying different locations, times and routines every DAY. I'm so much more motivated to go after work. I love the Saturday class that give me that extra boost for the rest of my day. 

The dance instructors are so lovely and professional. They are always making sure you are feeling comfortable, and answer all questions I have. 

With someone who has no dance experience I still highly recommend trying it out, I promise you won't regret it. 

When you get there you will get lost in the dance, it's like the little world you have probably already created for yourself when you're listening to your iPod on the tube day in and day out. 

 The classes are lively and entertaining. I distinctly remember during a class Elliot was comparing us all to chocolate saying " I don't want to see any boring diary milk bars today, I want you all to be a caramel bar and when you break open, ooze and melt all over the dance floor". That day I did not hold back and I tried my hardest, and I have not missed a workshop since and do not plan to any time soon. 

I have only been with this company for 2.5 months but I have seen such a change in myself mentally and physically (and my dress size) and I am so happy I joined. 

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Amélie Roy

Just a bit of background on me and dancing: I started ballet and modern jazz when I was 6 - as a lot of young girls do - up until I was 11 and then we moved to a new city with my parents and I didn't want to pursue dancing because I felt like no one would equal my teacher.

I picked it up again (ballet) when I moved away to university but it was a lot of efforts and few rewards. I was so busy with classes and homework that I dropped off again - to pick up other types of dancing (mainly commercial), sporadically, through the gym I subscribed to.

When I left Paris for London, 2 years ago, I found myself free enough again to get back into dancing more regularly and tried out a couple classes in Danceworks but I did not always feel particularly at ease or "part of the group". So I parked this for a while, until...

Until, I got invited through my company to a BBC event organised by SOS - a Beyoncé dance class on Formation, taught by Keeley. I went in thinking that the prosecco would help me go through this (it did). And I had a proper epiphany: this was so much fun, this is the kind of energy that I like, Keeley made us laugh a lot, no one was taking themselves seriously at all and I felt like dancing was putting me in high spirits again. It took me a while to find the name of the dance company but when I did, I went straight to the website to book my first class - on a Thursday - with Keeley again.

I think it was a Commercial class - I wasn't too sure what to expect from it - but it was mentally and physically challenging and a lot of laughs at the same time. I felt so energised and happy leaving my first class, that I knew instantly that SOS needed to be part of my weekly routine. This was in December last year.

Since then, I have been trying to go to a weekly class each week and a workshop each weekend. For my friends & boyfriend, this is a lot of dancing - for me, it's not enough :)

I think the biggest challenges for the first 6 months were to 1) not feel awkward doing the moves and 2) retaining the choreographies. It did take a while until I was confident enough that I would remember the moves so I could have more fun with them and loosen up. It is a big step to accept that when the music goes on, stuff will very probably go wrong along the way (the "hot mess" like you said on Sunday). This is still a challenge - especially when I feel a bit more under pressure if I am at the front of the class, or when we are split in groups.

I don't think I am particularly shy as a person but dancing humbles me so much - as I realise that the amount of control that I have over myself is never as powerful as I’d like to think it is.

I have tried different classes and teachers, around the schedule, which I think is a good exercise, because everyone has their style and their jokes and no matter when the class was or who was teaching - I have always had a very good time. Even when I was not a big fan of the song. Even when I was sick or felt like shit all day or was injured from a gym class (yes it happened). That is actually a key point: I some time go to the gym (very) reluctantly but this never happens with a SOS class. It's my time - everything else gets put in a locked mental box when I am in class figuring out how to do the moves while trying to look cool or sexy and not like a playmobil.

So what now? SOS has definitely been part of my London journey - as the months go by and the UK feels a bit more like home everyday. In fact, SOS is also a journey in itself, with a huge learning curve. The classes keep me on my toes but feel so rewarding at the same time. If I could give some advice to potential new joiners it would be: try 3 classes. You will not dance 'exactly' like Beyoncé right away but you will have an awesome time trying to and you will feel as energised as she does when she moves in front of a stadium. Even Beyoncé was not built in a day. 

SOS Hatti2

Smile For Hatti 

My friend Hatti was a cheerleader at university, and was probably one of the best dancers I know. She was also a massive Britney fan. Sadly, in 2014 she passed away following a terminal diagnosis for a rare form of cancer. 

Seen on Screen has helped me personally, as it has given me a way to feel close to her memory by dancing for her.  Seen on Screen has also supported the charity set up in her memory, Smile From Hatti, by hosting a charity dance class.

The class itself was a 90 minute Britney medley, bringing some of her nearest & dearest together to dance in her honour.  The money raised (over £1K) has been used to support young people with cancer, facing a similar verdict to poor Hatti. Seen on Screen has helped me remember the great memories, as well as learn to relax and enjoy myself, and release my inner Britney for Hat!


You can do it, put your sass into it

Whether you’re looking for an everyday fitness fix or fancy a couple of workshops to wind down to at the weekend, Seen On Screen offers a range of levels so can go at your own pace. You're very welcome to email [email protected] or give us a call if you would like advice, and/or pointing in the right direction - we’re happy to help!


The Beginner level is for SOSer's who have no previous dance experience and would like to be eased into the world of dance! You will still look and feel fabulous (of course!)

All Levels

This level is about going at your own pace and having FUN! Beginners are welcome, but if you are more experienced, your instructor can offer advanced routine options!


Intermediate bridges the All Levels & Advanced classes – perfect for SOSer's who would like to step up their dance technique and be pushed! Expect fierce routines, mega hair whips and tones of sass!

Intro Offers

First 3 classes — £30

Valid for 1 month

First 3 workshop — £45

Valid for 3 months

Class Drop ins

Single class — £15

Valid for 3 months

5 Class package — £50

Valid for 6 months

10 Class package — £85

Valid for 12 months

Workshop Drop ins

Single workshop — £20

Valid for 3 months

5 Workshop package — £85

Valid for 6 months

10 Workshop package — £150

Valid for 12 months


VIP Membership — £100

  • 4 Workshops @ £10
  • 8 Classes @ £7.50
  • 1 Complimentary Masterclass of choice

VIP Member Benefits

  • A complimentary guest pass on joining
  • SOS Crew T-shirt

AAA Membership — £150

  • Unlimited Workshops
  • Unlimited Classes
  • Unlimited Masterclasses

AAA Member Benefits

  • Two Complimentary guest passes on joining
  • SOS Crew T-shirt

6 Month VIP Membership — £540 (£90 pm)

6 Month AAA Membership — £900 (£150 pm)

Annual VIP Membership — £960 (£80 pm)

  • Complimentary 60 minute 1:1 session with an instructor of your choice

Annual AAA Membership — £1,680 (£140 pm)

  • Complimentary 90 minute 1:1 session with an instructor of your choice

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